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About Company

Makoro Bricks have always been at the cutting edge of new innovation and product development. The Makoro Clay Brick range is a timeless reminder of the flexibility and cost effectiveness of our Clay Face Bricks. With us you get very high quality yet competitively priced products that are sustainable, maintenance free and environmentally friendly.

  • Cost Comparison:
    • The cost of building with Makoro Clay Bricks is less than with stock brick and plaster, as there is no cost of plastering, painting or maintenance.
  • Value:
    • Building with Makoro Face Brick will add value to your building. The quality of the bricks used is visible and not hidden behind plaster and paint.
  • Product Selection:
    • Get it right the first time! Bricks cannot be replaced after they have been used, so make sure when it comes to bricks, you Always Buy the Best!
  • Maintenance:
    • Makoro Face Brick require no maintenance. No more expense on repainting. Makoro Clay Bricks do not expand, shrink or crack like other products. This further reduces maintenance and saves money.
  • Environmental Benefits:
    • Better thermal properties reduces electricity consumption
    • Made from environmentally friendly material which is clay and water
    • Clay Brick buildings have a lifecycle of over 500 years putting less strain on our natural resources to replace it.